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  •    Product strategy
             Reasonable product layout, complementary products, complementary projects, complementary industries.          The production of a generation, research and development, the layout of the advantages of a generation of reserves, reduce the risk of enterprise market management, business stability          Healthy sustainable development          Increase R & D capability and technology acceptance rate, only green chemical products     Market competition strategy
             Constantly revise the market orientation of the enterprise, introduce the market competitive trend products, and form the system of product innovation, shaping the core competitiveness of enterprises
             Through technological innovation, highlighting the product differentiation market advantage          Perfect Zhongtian Hanson training mechanism and the basic law, the formation of enterprise platform resources sharing mechanism, improve the enterprise system in the industryCompetitive power in     Technology development strategy
             To speed up the development of new products and improve the production process of old products through the cooperation of enterprises and colleges and universities, and to reserve the trend products needed for market development
             Through the cooperation with the well-known chemical research institute, the successful transformation of patented products          Increase the training of technical personnel and the introduction mechanism of scientific research leaders, improve the enterprise R & D system, to achieve the overall improvement of their own scientific research strength