Enterprise mission: Creat competitive prodcuts for the industry, create value for society           Professional concept: Strain every nerve, reach the acme of perfection            management philosophy: Creat together and share success.            Enterprise spirit: Equality, collaboration,study,Innovation,creation.gratefull,dedication,responsibility,Win-win           Slogan: I am a happy messenger, I strive for success.                       I am a pioneer of innovation. I will surmount myselfe                         The greater your heart is, the bigger stage you will arrive.                              Enterprise declaration: We respect personality                            We can be unified through full communication                            We are united as a whole                            Common foundation is created with wisdom and confidence                            Trust and cooperation strengthen our success                            Love and joy fill our homes                            Gradually improve the pursuit of endless                            We fight for our dedication.                           We sing for our weath                             Sharing constant innovation success                            Enjoy wonderfull and happy life