A stock cooperative agreement has been made between Zhengzhou Labor and Henan Zhongtian Hengxin enterprise

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On April 18, 2017, Henan Zhongtian Hengxin Biotechnology Co. Ltd and Zhengzhou Labor Technology Co.,Ltd signed a stock cooperation agreement. From Zhengzhou Labor Chairman of Board Meng Lianjun,  Secretary of Committee of Discipline Inspection Rao Quanwu, Deputy General Manager Zhang Hongchao,from Zhongtian Hengxin company, Chairman of board Wu Hongbo, Financial Director Hu Jing,Marketing Director Peng Lieliu, and other related Media attended the signing ceremony, witnessed this historic moment.   Zhengzhou Labor Technology Co. Ltd. Is the largest pesticide manufacturers in Henan Province. The Chairman of board Meng Lianjun in press interview said that " this is a Powerful alliances and also a process of resource integration. The cooperation between Zhongtian Hengxin and Zhengzhou Labor will surely make the field of Agricultural Chemistry bigger and stronger" Zhongtian Hengxin is the designated national pesticide production enterprises  specialized in research &development,production and sale of high efficiency and low toxicity, green pesticide. The enterprise has 31 certificates of herbicide and is under examination and applying documents more than 20.From 2016 the company has gradually improved the production line of enterprise which initially improves the market competitiveness. The agreement between the two companies ushered a new era, the chief financial director of Zhongtian Hengxin Ms Hu said in an interview : "in the future cooperation, we can support association between strong enterprises so that they can take advantage of each other strengths, powerful alliances, sharing the talent market, technology platform". The contract is made by the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises across regional friendship and cooperation, so this time the government, in the process of signing contract, actively built a platform and played a guiding role in promoting both sides to complement each other advantage,achieve mutual benefit and win-win, create a more strong entrepreneurial atmosphere for the economic development of Henan province.     Wish Zhongtian Hengxin and Labor go hand in hand, and create brilliant!

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